52 weeks of Done-For-You

BLOgs, newsletters & strategic social posts

Supercharge Your Email Marketing with a Year of Continuity Campaigns That Captivate and Convert!

  • Captivate With Customized Continuity Campaigns —
    Deliver value with with attention-grabbing headlines and revealing a consistent stream of engaging content to keep your audience informed and interested in your brand.

  • Unlock Your Authority with Expertly Curated Blogs— 
    Streamline your blogging strategy by strategizing, planning, and delivering a year's worth of tailored content in advance.

  • Spark Your Social With A Year of Supporting Posts — 
    Boost brand visibility and spark conversations with compelling social media content.

  • Elevate Your Authority By Strategizing Your Success —
    Create a content marketing strategy tailored to your core objectives, target audience, and brand voice.

52 Weeks of Done-For-You Emails, Blogs + Social Posts

  • 52 Original Blog Articles (Google Docs)

    1. Engaging titles and well-defined categories.

    2. SEO meta data with optimized descriptions and keywords.

  • 52 Engaging Newsletters

    • Personalized opening notes that captivate your readers.

    • Teasers of blog posts to generate interest.

    • Promotional sections to drive action.

    • Compelling PS for fast response.

  • Customized Content Strategy

    • Compelling content pillars and supporting topics.

    • Conversations that drive conversions and close clients.

  • Comprehensive Content Calendar (Google Spreadsheet)

    • Organized on a weekly basis for easy planning.

    • Pre-formatted columns for tracking key metrics.

    • Monitor open rates and platform engagement.

    • Acts as a project management tool to optimize your content.

52 Social Media Posts

BONUS: 156 Supporting Social Media Posts

Boost your online presence, spark conversations, increase brand visibility, with 3 social media posts per week.

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